The Bridge PlanSM business and financial consulting service develops hospital-specific work plans to enhance revenues, create efficiencies, and bridge the gap between lower reimbursement and better financial performance.

Our consultants have extensive operational and 'C-Suite experience. Using the proven Bridge PlanSM business and financial consulting service they will work with your management and clinical teams to problem-solve, generate cash and improve operations. Your organization will own the plans, results and tools at the conclusion of the engagement. This is what differentiates Integrity Management Advisors from other consultants.

What Our Customers Say

"KBC Bank's long term relationship with The Hospital of St. Raphael came to a successful close upon St Raph's merger with the Yale New Haven Hospital. We at KBC credit the "Bridge Plan" as the key tool in delivering St. Raph's from the depths of illiquidity and loss operations to become a stabilized, attractive candidate for merger. The "Bridge Plan" proved to be a multi disciplined yet highly focused working plan for enhancing revenues, creating efficiencies and cutting costs while assuring maintenance of quality care delivery. Designed by deeply knowledgeable hospital professionals, the "Bridge Plan" drove measurable results in the short to medium term. The "Bridge Plan" proved expandable, continually refreshed and building on itself. The "Bridge Plan" as process provided a discipline but in the hands of its hospital savvy creators went beyond to become a full blown, dynamic program for improvement. This "Bridge Plan" is not consultant speak. It is absolutely hospital specific, remarkably practical, and strikingly impactful of financial outcomes. Many thanks to its creators."

Raymond Murray
KBC Bank, Managing Director

Bridge Planning

The Bridge PlanSM business and financial consulting service helps establish organizational goals, organize the managers and directors to achieve individual and organizational targets, and redesign operations to encourage efficiency and change management.

Clinical Business Planning

The sophistication of the planning process for capital varies across hospitals, the funding is increasingly challenging and the need for capital is never ending.

100 Day Plan

Hospital systems, including hospitals, affiliated organizations and related medical groups often need a short-term strategic focus for management during a budget year. We refer to this as a 100 Day Plan.

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